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Welcome to the Erevollution WikiaEdit

Welcome to the official WIki of Erevollution.

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Multiplayer strategy game that allows users to run the economy, conquer other nations, become a politician and rule a country, or liberate your country and start a war.

Latest activityEdit

  • edit Erevollution Wikia
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    Summary: Removal of a deprecated <hero> tag
  • discussion page Talk:Portugal
    new comment by Ejohnlucas
    Comment: My first wiki page! :-)
  • edit Portugal
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    Summary: ?
  • new page Portugal
    created by Ejohnlucas
    New page: Contents[show] Main Information Edit Portugal is a country located in the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal controls 19 regions; 7 of them historic, 6...
    Summary: Created the page
  • discussion page Talk:Strength
    new comment by Jacaenty
  • new page Weekly Events
    created by Ghostring
    New page: Weekly events are frequent game that last for 7 days each. Those events work in different manners and there have been 7 of them released so...
  • edit Weapons
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    Added photo:
  • edit Weapons
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    Added photo:
  • new page Weapons
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    New page: Weapons are equipment that can be used to increase your damage in battles depending on the type of weapons and it's quality. There are three types of...
    Added photo:
  • edit Strength
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    Summary: Added where you can increase your strenght

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